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Just Trying To Matter

Who is she?    Word wrangler?  Photo Ninja?  Proud coffee trailblazer?  Daily Hug Donator?  Mom to 3 and hon to 1?  


“Why do I write?"

The simplest response is that it is an enjoyment.   The turning of a phrase, creating a lyrical prose, and the wrangling of words into something that makes sense of the things we cannot see,  quite simply brings me joy.    
On a deeper level is satisfies a fundamental need to reveal those things that are often ignored, or dismissed.   It restores that balance within myself, as I struggle with the realities of the world pressing down upon my creative self.   From the moment we enter this world, it pushes and pours all manner of Sense into our beings.    
From the normal everyday, to the exceptional beauty all around us. 

And then there are the Stories.   

The past, the present – what could have been; what should have been: all lying in wait.  When I write, it’s like going down into the great pit of all sense and sensibility, and releasing – sometimes rather like hauling it all up through the mud of life

– all that is stored within.  There I find the meaning in the menial and mundane of this daily life.   

Far more than merely communicating; my words, my stories are wild little rays of light that pierce the darkness and call forth the light; revealing the beauty all around us.  It’s there:  I just have to notice it.  


And then the hard part: Surrender.

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