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Daily Journal: Interesting Places

My daily journaling is supposed to be a single page of writing inspired by a simple prompt

So far it's been easy to write within those parameters every single night before bed.

This here, is the prompt that could inspire an entire novel. There is so much of the world that I have experienced just begging to star on the page. Exotic and tropical places. Thrilling adventure places. Spooky unknown places. However, it's not always the obvious that your heart remembers.

Interesting Places

The places you end up while getting lost on a back road for two hours and that greasy cheeseburger and vanilla shake are the best things you have ever eaten. You're still another hour from the final destination, the natives aren't friendly and it's getting dark; and you and your bff are having the time of your life. Years later you'll recall very little of the actual party, but still hear the echoes of laughter and tires spinning on dirty gravel.

The friends you made on a two week stay on a tropical island are what you remember more than the island sites. You still talk in British slang to this day. Although the party boat to a mangrove forest is also fun. So is the rum.

Often it's the surprises; not the castle, but cave of bats that becomes the highlight of a trip. Sometimes it's the ancient ruin and you swear you can hear whispers of the past. Or it's three lumps of dirt in a backyard of a restored mansion and the youthful courage to hear a ghostly story on the stone steps. Haylofts can be interesting places. Especially if you find where mama cat hid her kittens.

Your best friends kitchen island, or impromptu coffee on the front porch in the middle of a pandemic. It's paddling round a corner and seeing a doe and her two fawns drinking at the water's edge. It's a room with a view, but also the campfire circle. These are the places to which you'll return. You'll discover it's the Who, as much as it is the Where.

It's also true dear Dorothy, it can be your very own backyard.

Hopefully life gives you a little bit of everything.

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