Prompt: Someplace Cozy

There is something about a fire on a dark night, a fire shared with others, that pulls the gloom right out of you. We sat around the cheery little blaze with the branches popping as they burned with the flames dancing, and although we hadn't eaten that day, I could feel our spirits rise along with the smoke that drifted toward the stars.

― William Kent Krueger

(This prompt is from my Page A Day Journal).

There's another saying that if you light a campfire, everyone's a storyteller and I FEEL that. It is definitely our family's favourite way to end a Summer day. I cannot guess how many games of Would You Rather that I have played around the dancing flames. The funny and scary tales created on the spot, or ones I have to read to my children over the years from my own youth. The conversations that have ranged from the completely silly or bizarre, to those of love and life, trials and truths. Is it the circle that loosens the tongue? The darkness? The flames pulling what's been locked inside? I think it's an ancient ritual carried deep in our bones. This drawing together to share and remember - and preserve.