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Book Review: Hate Me Like You Mean It

RELEASE BLITZ Title: Hate Me Like You Mean It Authors: Liz Alden, Allie Boniface, Hilary Grossman, Holly Kerr, Tracy Krimmer & Sarah Peis Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy Release Date: September 21, 2021

Hate (or is it love?) is in the air in this enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy anthology. Find your happily ever after with six smart and sexy, feel-good romcoms. Stories range from sweet to medium steam level.

Available for a limited time only. 100% of proceeds from preorders will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute. This anthology includes never before published standalone titles:

Tracy Krimmer: Barking Up The Wrong Tree Hilary Grossman: Cop An Attitude Holly Kerr: Bite Me Allie Boniface: Dare Me Liz Alden: The Rival In South Africa Sarah Peis: Booby Trap

As author Sara Peis prefaces her story within the anthology; I too like kissing books!

There are many kinds of love stories that incite our passions (there was only one bed!), and stir our heartstrings, and certainly the enemy to friend to lover is definitely my guilty pleasure. Most of the stories are about two characters, who often could not be more different, thrown together in circumstances that test their true motivations and character, while love drifts its teasing and tormenting scent just seemingly beyond their reach. The women are wonderfully independent, stubborn, smart, sassy and I loved every single one of them. There are dogs, cats, bunnies, pizza, and the stories take you from small town America to African safaris. Love should be such an adventure, right?!

The frenemies trope can be a tricky one to find the right balance between a steadfast and trustworthy man who is not afraid to travel alongside such a woman, without going into an awkward, creepy stalker vibe. Or tripping over into just plain toxic relationships. These ladies are not afraid to call a vengeful, or over-bearing suitor out on his bad behaviour, but they also show a willingness to thoughtfully examine how the stress of life and past hurts affect their own. They listen as well as they can sass talk, and I loved that these ladies find the man to fit their dreams and life.

Here is a link where you can find synopsis for all the stories, but for this review I will focus on the short story, Cop An Attitude, by one of my favourite authors, Hilary Grossman.

No one loves a mismatched duo more than I, and from the very start of the book no two people seem more mismatched - and more inclined to enemies than Waverly and Officer Jerk Face. The air is not filled with love at first sight, but a tension that springs from a hatred born of vengeance. Life is not always so simple, and as Waverly and Peter Ennis story unfolds, we learn neither is it especially kind to some. Our definitely Not a lady in distress must tangle with her own guilty conscience and past bad behaviour; unfortunately Officer Ennis is exactly the kind of man that can frustrate a lady into such a state you don't know whether you want to fight him or.....

Life is also not often as easy as it seems, and it's a very tender moment when the truth is revealed that makes all the difference.

The vulnerabilities of both come flooding to the surface and suddenly the air is filled with possibility. There's nothing sweeter than an unrequited crush that has all the potential of blooming into something more, and Grossman takes the reader on a very satisfying journey of how these two move beyond the mistakes and pain of the past. It's true, I am a sucker for a good kissing book, but I also need all the substance and growth of character within the tale too. Hilary Grossman never fails to give me all I want as a reader. Oh, and for those fans of her Forest River PTA books; like me you'll be thrilled to see Sydney Clayton appear.

Each story offered the reader something sweet, hot and satisfying! Get your copy at one of the purchase links below.

GOODREADS LINK: BOOKBUB LINK: PURCHASE LINKS – $2.99 for a limited time! US: UK: CA: AU: B&N: Kobo: Apple Books: CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Liz Alden: Allie Boniface: Hilary Grossman: Holly Kerr: Tracy Krimmer: Sarah Peis:


There is a giveaway for a $60 gift card (to the retailer of the winner’s choice) + a paperback of Hate Me Like You Mean It (1 winner, open internationally)

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