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Book Review: Mom Genes, Hilary Grossman

My Forever Summer has come to an end... and yes that means vacation pics are coming! First I would like to share some of the great reads I have enjoyed, including a few that I have been fortunate to have received for the purpose of reviews. I would like to do more book reviews on this blog in the future. It's really important to support fellow artists, and I have neglected this in the past. This first one is one of my favourite authors and one book in her series following the adventures of some PTA ladies. I love this series so much!

I was really excited to read the latest adventures of the Forest River PTA Ladies, and Hilary Grossman did not disappoint. New readers to the series will appreciate that they can jump right into this story without having read the first novel. Fans of the series will love the update into the meddling, but deep down caring hearts of the moms.

The characters are so well drawn on the page, it feels like a reunion of your best pals... sure they can drive you crazy every now and then; but they're always there when you need them most. I've known such women. Lunched with such women. And yes most certainly avoided such women and their incessant drama. Grossman has done a fantastic job making each one well rounded; their fears, insecurities, and anxieties easily glimpsed so that it's easy to identify with each personality.

I really loved the lesson taught to the one meddling bully, and that it was largely taught by karma. The other moms the story staying true to who they are and living their best lives - and letting the truth be revealed in time. Ohhh, those bad dates: dear Claire I so feel your pain. This is where the author excels the most. I can easily put myself into the script. With each struggle and each joy, Claire became more relatable, and thus more endearing to me. The higher she held her head and proceeded with grace despite the backstabbing, gossip mongering; made me so proud as if she was a real life BFF. It may read like a reality show, but the truthful lessons on how to live your life with grace and an indomitable spirit are what make it the kind of story you want to stand up and cheer at the conclusion. Or, gather with your besties over wine. So looking forward to returning to Forest River!

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