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Book Review: Mom Boss, Hilary Grossman

Heart and Power of the Forest River PTA!!

Since I read the first book - Go On Girl - in the Forest River PTA series, I've been waiting for Jackie Martin's backstory. Each book in the series is wonderful and can be read as a stand alone novel, but my heart just gives an extra beat when Jackie makes an appearance. I've hated her, eye rolled over her antics, forgave her, misunderstood her, and finally can say I love her character the most of all the Forest River ladies.

Hilary Grossman has truly created an amazing character with Jackie. She's protective, perfectionist, powerful, but at the end of the day has the same mama's heart as any of us: she just wants what is best for her child.

What I loved the most is her character development through the series from first impressions being that of a selfish and demanding parent, to this novel showing how truly, deeply she cares about ALL the children of Forest River, her community, and especially her fellow PTA mom friends. She's flawed and fully real and I think that's what I love most.

Jackie may not be everyone's cup of tea.... but you cannot deny how badly you want a seat at her table. I really hope to see more books in this delightful series that hits just the right tone of cheeky, gossipy fun with a genuine heart at the core. Another hit from Hilary!

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