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Favourite App for Creating

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I have tried so many apps for creating blog posts, photography, and other material that I forgot how many were on my phone. Probably because I'm also a very "clutter free" person who always deleted the icons from my screens and had to search. With the new IOS making things like creating Shortcuts and using widgets much easier, my phone is now completely organized; and so pretty.

On my homescreen I used Widgetsmith so that most of my apps like AppleTV, Spotify, Podcasts, and news/weather are in a scrolling widget. You can fit 10 media apps inside the widget. Just drag and drop into the box. I have also created my own icons for texting, phone, Google,and iTunes music in the footer using the Shortcuts app that is already installed on iphone. I really like being able to create my own aesthetic such as this one I did for Autumn.

The second image is from my Today's View (left screen) and it is created so that my most used apps are easily displayed using Siri Suggestion (top rectangle), or have a shortcut to open(box below). Here I can also add images that I created using Widgetsmith so that the stacks don't always look like a bunch of icons, but also fit the theme. Basically think of a cover image, such as the nice quote I found below.

To make the homescreen image, I used a photo from a recent hike to create my own photo background using Canva. I really like the look of it being a playlist album cover, since I am usually listening to music while I walk.

Canva - if you sign up with this link we both will get a free premium photo, icon, or illustration.

I am often fairly tech challenged but so far I have found the app fairly easy to use. Also the available options in just the Free version is way better than all the others apps I had combined. This is hugely important if you create a lot of content, but cannot afford several app subscriptions at a time. I pay for one photography app (ProCam8) and one editing app currently, but which I will probably discontinue in the new year when it expires. I find a use an app a lot at first, but then quickly grow bored if there are limited options. Canva seems to have limitless possibilities and if you're not a photographer there are tons of free stock images and videos. You also have the option to simply purchase certain designs, such as animated posts, for a one time use.

In under five minutes I made this simple animated Infographic because damn, it's been a week y'all and I was reading about other ladies going to a weekend spa and my poor ass was just...

I think Canva will easily become my latest favourite app. Especially since I can use it both on mobile and my laptop, thus taking all my creations wherever I go and easily accessible.

What are some of your favourite apps for creating, or just managing a busy life?

PS. In other news, I officially become an out of the house working mom effective Monday! So stay tuned for a future post about all the benefits of going CanvaPRo L

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