Favourite App for Creating

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I have tried so many apps for creating blog posts, photography, and other material that I forgot how many were on my phone. Probably because I'm also a very "clutter free" person who always deleted the icons from my screens and had to search. With the new IOS making things like creating Shortcuts and using widgets much easier, my phone is now completely organized; and so pretty.

On my homescreen I used Widgetsmith so that most of my apps like AppleTV, Spotify, Podcasts, and news/weather are in a scrolling widget. You can fit 10 media apps inside the widget. Just drag and drop into the box. I have also created my own icons for texting, phone, Google,and iTunes music in the footer using the Shortcuts app that is already installed on iphone. I really like being able to create my own aesthetic such as this one I did for Autumn.

The second image is from my Today's View (left screen) and it is created so that my most used apps are easily displayed using Siri Suggestion (top rectangle), or have