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Poetic Interlude: Heartsick

The distance between the head and the heart (about 18 inches)
How do you measure your value when your heartstick gets broke?

Once upon a time I was ghosted before it was even a thing.

He was no Chris Evans, but damn it hurt like hell.

Some wounds just never fully heal when like Taylor says, you're broken like a promise.


I put the pen down

because it was you on the line

It's been five days of silence,

and I'm wondering why

She's already there

I've been thinking about spare keys

and my brush on the chipped tile

so wasn't it just savage

that you came for my soul

and she was already there

The pen begins its bloodbath

four pages, both sides

while you're filling cardboard boxes

and my stuff collects on the lawn

so she could be there

Say all's fair in love

call it pride of a man

how do you measure this heartsick?

a few extra inches won't matter

when she was always there

Women (and men) have always been writing about our heartaches. It's nothing new under the sun and something relatable to every human who has ever taken a chance to open to love.

Maybe this one even has hit song potential :)

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