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Poetic Interlude: The Abyss

One from the Archives.

Yet I find myself returning to this particular poem quite frequently of late.

While I rather like the idea of it remaining mysterious in nature, the truth is the content of this poem deals with religious trauma; specifically the idea of "purity culture."

I've always wondered why my worth was stored in my vagina. Seems rather in stark opposition to man's power/strength being stored in their penis. I mean... did we even have a chance ever?

The past few years I've been deconstructing the religion I thought was so important to me, because I've learned the harsh lesson the statement "there's no hate like Christian love" has been proven true too often. Which doesn't mean I have abandoned all spiritual outlook or lost faith. It simply means I continue to grow as human being - in all facets of my existence - experiencing life on this big planet.

As. One. Should.

floating in a a luke-warm salacious sleep

it bubbled forth from somewhere deep

with a jolting pang it ushered in

the aching, growing sense of sin

that cloak of ignorance, now in shreds

a too-bare garment of angry threads

I push and pull the tangled knots

while the fickle Fates are casting lots

The Great Veil Is Rising!

while whispering sweet nothings so chastising

I tumbled backward, further into the deep

“Be quiet stirrings - I’m trying to sleep!”

and in the midst of drifting softly down

away in endless flight I drown

as the evening star melts away

the fluff of wishes floats astray

and lost within this restless dream

mounts in my soul a silent scream

too long I’ve lingered - and rolling the dice

slip amorously into the Abyss; and pay the price.

After I wrote this post, the news broke that television evangelist and all around awful person IMHO, Pat Robertson had passed away. The 700 Club was a big part of my childhood indoctrination and to be honest, the whole TV preacher thing just never sat right with me. It never felt genuine that a preacher should have gross wealth.

I can't help but wonder where he "woke up" and if he was surprised.

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