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Mom Out Of Time

Also money.

The time has come to trade in the yoga pants for a professional ensemble. Or at least something lacking in holes and toast crumbs. Maybe made prior to 2010. Explore colours other than black. It's been a good, long haul keeping the home fires burning, but mama needs new winter boots (along with the children) so now someone is going to have to pay me to continue being my awesome self.

And. It's. Just. Time.

I want to feel like I am accomplishing more than just laundry, feeding people, cleaning up after people, taxi driver, social planner, organizational guru, finder of ALL the lost things, and 1 am counselor.

I mean, I am no fool to think that all those things won't still be my responsible, because.. amiright? Also, that's what moms do and we love when our children need us. I need ME too.

I've been taking computer education courses for the past month and it's been quite fulfilling getting up and ready for "school" in the morning with my kids. It feels really good to learn something new again. Already it has introduced me to new people, experiences, and hopefully opportunities. So far I have applied to three job positions, all in the field of early child education as that was my original schooling years (fine decades) ago. I have done one interview so far and I think it went fairly well. That particular position may not suit our family schedule, but if not that one, I know there are other positions available. It was good practice, and a great first step. Just stay positive.

I don't know how my children feel about mom not being available All The Hours.

Sorry darlings but if you forgot your lunch I hope you choose friends wisely and they know how to share. Mama can't be saving you with a quick drive to school any longer.

I picture a speech bubble like this over their heads the first day I start a new job.

It will be an adjustment for sure, but I'm tired of not having more to my days than what's inside these four walls. I did keep pretty busy with some volunteer work during my SAH years, but Covid put an end to all of that.

And I want my money lol.

Three kids eventually in university and if that isn't motivation to get busy working or get busy working until you die... I don't what it is.

So send all the positive vibes you got that my job search will result in the right position for me, and that helps with that magical fairy dust ideal of work-family life balance.

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

If you have any tips, please drop them in the comments.

It's funny becase it's true.

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