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Love Your Skin

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a beauty expert. Nor any sort of fashion maven. Through most of COVID stay at home and lockdowns I existed barefaced and in my pajamas. I did change to yoga pants if I was walking - I didn’t completely let myself go. Minimal effort was a nice change from the former hurried pace of life. I didn’t realize that not having the pressure to look “put together” had a certain amount of freedom.

Then again, I also rather like looking put together on some days. It’s probably connected to mood, but I think we all have comfort or security in the face we choose to present to the world. It’s partly also routine. Something you can control when everything else seems to be spinning. Taking a few minutes to put effort into yourself, to just simply take care of you, can go along way to improving your mental state, and overall well-being. So there are certain beauty routines that I never let go.

It‘s not fancy, expensive, and no claims about capturing youth in a bottle. I’m going to age and wrinkle; but I’m going to take care of my skin every step of the way too. It’s the biggest organ of my body, so it is important. It follows the basics: cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, and do not forget sunscreen. Always!!

I have morning products:

And a night regime:

Then there’s the extras that are done weekly - or as needed.

As you can see I’m faithful to a couple of brands and that’s based on a few principles. Pixi, Sukin, Mad Hippie, and Andalou are all natural based, cruelty free, and affordable for me. They also work for me which of course is the point. They also have lines that I’ve been able to grow with as my skin evolved to mature skin.

I’m not personally interested in expensive treatments that make promises, but I’m absolutely supportive of any women who desires that to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin.

When I want to do makeup I typically follow a five minute face routine. A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, a dab of blush, a sweep of bronzer, and usually waterproof mascara. I still can’t quite master the smoky eye, but I do use eyeliner and/or shadow occasionally. The mascara in this photo by Lise Watier is a vegan one and it’s pretty good, but currently I have not found a cruelty free mascara that is both waterproof and works great for me. Although I like CoverGirl and I hear they are now cruelty free.

You’ll also notice some Barefoot Venus products like hand lotion and an oil spray that has been amazing to keep my tattoos hydrated. These were gifts so I don’t know much about the company, but I would probably purchase. The coconut scent is amazing!!

I also gave the blog and Instagram highlight covers a mini makeover. It felt good to make my own designs (Canva) that feel like my “brand.”

Whether you take five minutes, or fifteen, or an hour, just remember you’re worthy and beautiful no matter what face you show the world. But yes you should absolutely take care of your face and give it all the love and nourishment as any other part of your body. For me, it’s something I think is Fun!! It’s just another way to bring a little creativity into my life.

If you have a great beauty tip, or product recommendation, please do leave a comment.


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Susi Kleiman
Susi Kleiman
Nov 22, 2021

I’ve used many of these products myself in the past, especially enjoyed Mad Hippie serums and Pixi toners. I‘be been using Proven skincare for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. No muss, no fuss. Minimal amount of products and it’s a subscription. My other go-to is Biossance - the deodorant and omega repair cream are my two faves.

Susi Kleiman
Susi Kleiman
Nov 24, 2021
Replying to

I love it and feel like I save money because I don’t buy a million other things.

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