Love Your Skin

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a beauty expert. Nor any sort of fashion maven. Through most of COVID stay at home and lockdowns I existed barefaced and in my pajamas. I did change to yoga pants if I was walking - I didn’t completely let myself go. Minimal effort was a nice change from the former hurried pace of life. I didn’t realize that not having the pressure to look “put together” had a certain amount of freedom.

Then again, I also rather like looking put together on some days. It’s probably connected to mood, but I think we all have comfort or security in the face we choose to present to the world. It’s partly also routine. Something you can control when everything else seems to be spinning. Taking a few minutes to put effort into yourself, to just simply take care of you, can go along way to improving your mental state, and overall well-being. So there are certain beauty routines that I never let go.

It‘s not fancy, expensive, and no claims about capturing youth in a bottle. I’m going to age and wrinkle; but I’m going to take care of my skin every step of the way too. It’s the biggest organ of my body, so it is important. It follows the basics: cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, and do not forget sunscreen. Always!!

I have morning products: