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I have always kept a writing journal to record my thoughts and story ideas.   Little random bits of poetic inspiration and full blown actual poetic musings.

Normally I don't do any kind of sketching.  But lately I've been thinking the pages sometimes feel like they are wanting, or needing a little something extra. Except, I cannot really draw.  Doodle perhaps, not but draw like some of more talented blogger friends like Claudia at ImagesbyCW. (who you should definitely check out.)

Then one day I just decided, who cares?   If I want to doodle or sketch in my own private journal that no one ever sees --- what on earth is stopping you girl?!

So it began.

Clearly these were never intended to translate into stunning photography.   They are just a little something extra for me.   Another way to be creative in this oppressive and dusty world. I am sharing them with you to encourage you also to break out of any restraints that are binding your creative yourselves, and live the creative life you want.

There is Art inside all of us!

This one is an attempt at actual drawing, as I composed it from several various inspirations into one image.   I rather like this one!    It's got a very rustic, natural feel that echoes the Native Art I so love.

How are you finding new ways to live an Artful Life?

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1 Comment

McGuffy's Reader
McGuffy's Reader
Feb 14, 2018

You never cease to amaze me. I am so thankful for that, for YOU. You inspire. Namasté.

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