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Drinking the Wild Air

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mine are fresh water adventures, but I've been living up to the creed as much as possible. As much as I also love curling up in my cozy chair with a cup of tea and a book, I am very much the outdoor girl. Now that my children are grown enough to leave alone for a few hours, there are more opportunities to get out and get some of that good medicine vitamin D.

I am so blessed and grateful to have these wonderful outdoor spaces mere minutes from my front door. Living where three rivers meet creates wonderful water adventures! There are also an abundance of nature trails and conservation areas, so there has never been a feeling of being "stuck at home" while living in a global pandemic. Yes, we stayed home and stayed safe as much as possible; but we've always been able to get out into the wide open spaces for our physical and mental health.

"Find your flow and row, row, row."

Early misty mornings on the water

I am living the motto "Seas the moment!" har har

My bucket list is an all day kayak to a destination to set up camp for the night, and then row back the next day. I'm almost getting that, except I'll have a comfy hotel bed to sleep in for 2 nights. But then yes, kayak all day. Baby steps lol.

Soon we are heading off with the camper (and the kayak) for our family summer vacation. I can't wait to see family and get back to a little slice of normal. Hopefully I'll have some great shots of the wild and wonderful Great Canadian Outdoors when I return.

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