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Five Minutes Consciousness: Glitter And Gold

Set the timer for five minutes and just let if flow. No editing, just release all that is within. The purpose is to discover things that you didn't

fountain pen writing
photo by John-Mark Smith via Pexels

even know were inside, and I find this technique is great to produce new ideas when you are feeling stuck.

If you want to give it a try and need some structure... or a little added pressure, try The Most Dangerous Writing App. This one really forces you to keep writing because if you stop for more than a few seconds -- it's all gone!


You were charming.


Awkwardly complex, and so, so angry.

So good with a gesture, or a word. A slight of hand.

I think distraction was your specialty.

Look away, don't see. Don't tell!

Oh Hollywood, sometimes you do get it right and it's an eerie thing.

But then it's been your secret playground for decades.

How you've made the awkward, complicated, mysterious and dangerous so sexy.

The fantasy selling itself because we all so desperately want to be seen.

Trade our ashes for Beauty and our souls for Validation.

Maybe if I had her story, these flashes of light in 48 inches of colour, I might have noticed the warnings. I could have taken notes. Learned red flags.

Instead of sitting here fingering the puckered edge scar, waiting for an outcome I cannot possibly understand. As one mind shatters, another spirals deeper.

A box of secrets opened before its time, but how could I have known?

Escape comes for some and their story becomes their own. For others, the unspoken rests uneasy until the pen slashes their words into the light. Darkness retreats, but for only moments. For no one ever truly escapes the box. Some things should never become reality.

And that's the danger that waits in the middle of what glitters and what is gold.

You never know what is hiding within!

As per the rules, no going back and editing a single thing.

Art is born in the moment and it is our truest Becoming.

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