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Gratitude: Daily Bread

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. ~ John Milton

Do you find some days you just feel.... "meh?" Rather like you have a complete absence of feeling; instead of any deep emotion. Or, your emotions are so over charged it's just FEELINGS!!!  all over the place. I hate those kind of days.  I cannot pinpoint the problem -- why I am all out of sorts.

Those kind of days can just take you on a deep dive and continue on further South, no matter what you try to do to turn the tide.

I would like to seek a better balance.   A little more equilibrium.   A little less whiney oh woe is me.   Because that's usually what it comes down to:  I'm making it all about ME.

It's a great, big, wide world out there!  Good stuff happening every day! But yeah, I am a messy, complicated human and I need reminders.  Still.

These OneGoodThing posts have been great to help me stay on track, and I love that I will have a digital record of all the good things that tend to sneek up on me when I was too busy to stop.  The ones I did stop and notice.   And even the ones, on those sort of days, I have to dig way down and pull them up by their roots.

I'm the creative sort of course.   I write in journals. Duh. I even made my Girl Guide Sparks do Gratitude journals one week. Guider:  guide thyself!!

Now... the perfect journal???? Enter a good friend; a good thing in a category unto itself.  

It's pocket size, so it fits in my purse easily.  I can take it anywhere. Now you might think it's too small.  What can you write on one tiny page?   No pictures!!

Well, that is what I like about it.   I cut everything down to the simplest form. What is special about this day?

 A hug from ZooZoo? Flowers from Left Brain? A rainbow during our holiday trip?

Simple.  Little nuggets of truth and beauty.   Maybe, unadorned even. But it's all good. And I carry it with me, wherever I go.

I think that may just be the secret to happy days.

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