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I'm Not Where You Left Me

It's been awhile, so time to dust off the blog dust and maybe breathe some life back into the creative self. I've been waiting for the ability to reply directly to comments here, and this week received notification that feature has been enabled. I cannot see where to turn comments on or off; since I'm not tech savvy beyond typing speed, we shall see how this goes.

I little offering from my daily journaling. In the future I am hoping to use this space to dive into some Writing Prompts. Practice makes perfect, right?

I write to remember ⁣

And also forget ⁣

The ink speaks into things ⁣

That have not happened yet⁣

A trick of rhyme⁣

A tempting idea ⁣

You’ve searched words-past ⁣

But I’m not where you left me ⁣

Just imagine a life ⁣

Haunted by ink ⁣

To keep filling pages ⁣

As tho you won’t sink ⁣

But all rivers flow to sea - ⁣

Tho the sea is never full⁣

And so the ink rises - ⁣

But n’er empty is the quill ⁣

I’ve crawled these many miles ⁣

On weary skinned knees ⁣

To keep dragging this ole soul ⁣

Further from a reprise⁣

Keep looking towards the sun ⁣

The cold heart might yet warm ⁣

You thought to find me in the quiet ⁣

But I wanted the storm. ⁣

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