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I have a daily journal that has a single prompt at the top of each page. It's very simple. A word, or a short phrase to inspire and.... go. Just. One. Page. You can find a short video on my Instagram:

This process has really helped me follow my goal to write a little bit every day. It's also really helped me grown in truthfulness, gratitude, and being Present. It's everything from the beauty to the bold and the brutal. I admit I've been so busy in the journal lately, that I haven't been here as much. That and the final couple of weeks of school being incredible busy. Now the summer begins and with a bit more time to pursue my own interests, I'd like to start sharing some of those small entries Perhaps it will inspire others towards daily journaling.

Right here

Right now

It's all that is real

What matters

This is the path and yet so often I am far too discontent.

I've finally reached a place of seeking experience, adventure, and the simplicity of life; over Things.

And yet, every now and then I still dream of a place where the wanting doesn't burn.

Where my spirit can know true calm.

It's much easier for me to reach this place of stillness and peace in Nature, surrounded by wide open spaces and fresh air.

There is less to covet out there. Less competing for my spirit.

No far off destination to reach: the journey is the thing.

You. Are. Here.

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