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Writing Prompt: Coffee Mug

This daily prompt is from Writer's Write:

Write 100 words about a mug falling off a table. Could you use this to write a longer story? Which genre?


The same routine every day.

Silence and suddenly the warm hiss of air; then the bitter brew dripping a steady staccato. I welcome it's warmth. This being useful. A soft pad of steps moments before the gentle hug of her skin. A brief touch of lips followed by a contented sigh.

She carries me to the table by the window with the mountain view. They are lovely, but they never change. Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloaked in clouds; and every now and then I long for something more.

The edge is near.

Tumbling sky.

This is how my world changed; broken.


I don' think this would evolve into a longer story. Although it would be interesting to explore the woman as character via the "eyes" of an inanimate object like a coffee cup. Think of the places it would go. The travels it would take. Might be an interesting concept.

For now, it's simply an interesting, creative exercise that contains several problems Grammerly is sure to find - yet in the interesting of keeping that creativity alive, I'm allowing something else to be broken: rules.

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