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Writing Prompt: Sunsets Are My Favourite Colour

I recently saw a prompt asking to describe the sunset in three paragraphs, and could not resist the suggestion! One of my photo folders is called Sky on Fire afterall.

Lake Weikwabinonaw sunset

The setting sun charged into the sky like a battle-cry.

Orange flames stretching forth from the horizon; Natures' canvas forged in fiery paint no artist could truly capture. If only I could dare such boldness. Harness this golden light and let it shoot from my fingertips into the promised night, and leave my eternal mark among the stars.

This is the time of possibilities.

The fleetness of shifting light while the sun and moon take turns in their timeless dance, and you're not quite sure what is to come. Is it the darkness waning, or the light beckoning? For mere moments it could be either, a split second of charged anticipation; for it's always a prelude to Something. Just beyond that patch of white, before the scarlets and purples ignite, some wild kind of poetry is waiting to share its verse.

If the sky could speak, what would it say?

Does it wonder why I sit upon this chair night after night with face aglow, watching these simple moments unfold? The evening sky soaks into my soul, branding the sleeping spirit with possibility; and this is the only way I know to show my gratitude. This Something that the sunset gives me. As the darkness reveals the stars, so this eternal chasing of light also reveals the bright fire within that the world could not extinguish. So each night I too cast off my dusky cloak and let the gentle amber glow illuminate me. This is how I find myself within the little moments of every day magic.

Are you a sunset or sunrise kind of person?

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